How it works

  • Enter the studio and add desired destinations

  • Customize your live stream by adding a theme , background or logo

  • Add live stream details and once you are happy with the preview click ‘Go Live’.

  • Engage with your audience through all in one chat for all destinations

Easy to use live streaming solutions

  • Add your custom branding

    Add your custom branding

  • Invite multiple guest

    Invite multiple guests

  • Show e-commerce store live

    Show e-commerce store live

  • One chat from all channels

    One chat for all channels

What you can do with illusto studio

Go live on multiple platforms simultaneously

  • Flash sales & promotional offers

    Flash sales & promotional offers

  • Press conference & QA & interviews

    Press conference & QA & interviews

  • Product launches & demos

    Product launches & demos

  • Webinars, classes & workshops

    Webinars, classes & workshops

  • Company & industry update

    Company & industry update

  • Turn live streams into podcasts

    Turn live streams into podcasts

Why Live Streaming

Engage and stay connected with your audience

Engage and stay connected with your audience

Live streaming to multiple platforms is a great way to connect with your audience more personally, making it a truly unique and engaging experience

Expand your business

Expand your business

Live streaming to multiple platforms can fetch your business massive profits and will help you to target audiences from different social media channels

Attract new viewers

Attract new viewers

Live streaming helps maximize your potential audience while giving your core fan base additional chances to catch you live

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to install any software to get started?-

No, you do not need to install any software to stream with us. You just need a browser of your choice. You can start streaming in the simplest way in your browser itself.

2. Do my guests need to install anything to join my stream?+

Your guests only need your invite link to stream through your platform. No additional software or account login is required.

3. Which platforms are supported for live streaming?+

illusto studio supports Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitch for live streaming. You can stream and interact with your audience on these platforms simultaneously.